Smashing those goals

Back in January I wrote a very basic vision board. It only had 4 goals on it. I stuck it up on the wall in my room so I would look at it every day. Those 4 goals were – 

  • Be healthy & eat well
  • Improve fitness
  • Feel good about myself
  • Fall in love

As time has gone on I’ve taken less and less notice of the goal board. Because the goals aren’t really ‘measurable’ or actual things I’ve just ignored it. 

Tonight for some reason my goal board caught my eye, looking at it I realised I’d actually completed them and ticking them off felt pretty bloody good! 

I’ve completely changed my life. I use to get in from work, eat dinner then lay in bed watching TV until I fell asleep. The weekends were pretty much the same, eating and sleeping loads. 

Now, I attend four exercise classes a week, which helps my mental wellbeing, eat well with the occasional treat because now I exercise I never deny myself a treat! Everything in moderation though. 

Eating well and exercising has made me feel good about myself. Inside and out. My confidence is back. 

My final goal I wrote was to fall in love. Initially I wrote this hoping I’d meet the love of my life and fall madly in love but what I’ve realised is I’ve fallen in love with myself. Until you can learn to love yourself how can you expect someone else to love you? Because I’ve ‘fallen in love’ with myself my whole outlook on life has changed. I’m not scared to walk away from things that have a detrimental affect on me and my life. I’m not scared to do things on my own. My life is far from perfect but I’m happy with what I have so far, who I am and I’m working hard to get where I want to be. 

Loving yourself is so important and it’ll get you so far in life. 

I’ll continue to work on these goals for the rest of my life but now I’m in a much better place than I was four months ago. 

Learning to love myself is the biggest accomplishment I’ve ever achieved. 

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